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Calle Joaquim Ruyra 11 / Barcelona
Menos de 12.000
Your Mission as CeleBreak Match Host:
Your main responsibility is to make people have a great time playing football with CeleBreak.
This is how you will achieve it:
Be at the field minimum 30 min before kick off.
Prepare all material that is needed for the games: Bibs, balls, music box, camera.
Make people feel welcome, be social, introduce people to each other, and explain how a CeleBreak game works.
Set up the game: Distribute bibs, explain rules, give numbers for turns to be goalkeeper, start the game on time.
Run the game from the sideline with focus and observing if people are enjoying the game.
Make sure the game is balanced and encourage people to pass. Switch players if needed.
Be the non-playing referee. If needed, show authority in a social way.
If needed, coach players in a positive way.
Indicate the time that is left to play, starting at 20 min left.
Chase balls that go lost, during and after the game.
Keep track of inventory at the field (number of balls, the speaker) and notify the City Manager if the number of balls run low or material is missing.
Take pictures/videos (used for social media):
Min 3 high quality short videos that can be used for social media stories;
Min 3 high quality pictures that can be used for social media picture posts;
Check client reviews after the games and use it for improvement of future games.
Maintain a good relationship with the field personnel.
Be kind and helpful to players and never give a bad attitude, even when a situation is frustrating or stressful.
Give players with a minimum of 25 matches a shirt, and track who you gave it to.
Report name of players who showed bad behaviour (aggression, negative attitude, affecting the overall match experience in a bad way) to City Manager.
Communicate quickly and efficiently with the City Manager on schedule.
Only play the game if the situation allows it and it doesn't affect the game quality of any game.

Minimum level C1 English and Spanish.
Minimum availability to organise 15 games up to 50 games per week.
Availability for minimum 6 hours on Saturday or Sunday.
Willing to travel to organise games.
Car or motorcycle is preferred, but not a requirement.

You will receive an employment contract by CeleBreak with the following salary structure:
8€ Gross per Match Hosted;
10€ Gross for every Match with a rating 4,5 (instead of 8€ Gross);
The hourly compensation applies for matches you organise outside of the pitch from the sideline, and not as a signed up player. If you sign up as a player and occupy a spot for a potential paying player, the salary does not apply.
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