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LGFM is looking for Chief Product Officer, Chief Product Officer, reporting to CEO, will be in charge of all the product related activities. In our case the products are the digital assets of the company ( Web & App).

CPO main responsibilities:

1)Product Strategy

CPO will be responsible for the design and development of the Digital Assets.

He/She will coordinate with the Digital Agency the design and development of the Web/App.

UX/UI responsibility.

2)Product growth

Responsible for the sales growth Web/ App. Defining and executing marketing campaigns to increase App download and App reengagement. Working closely with the CMO to achieve the main goal of 30% total sales coming from the digital assets.

She / He will be responsible for the promotion strategy as well as the loyalty program.

3) Product ANalysis

Understanding of UX and UI to improve customer experience. Defining main KPIs to build best in class digital products. She/He will closely work with the Head of BI and Data to understand pain points and customer journey. The CPO is in charge of initiatives across the entire producto lifecycle — from customer discovery and user research to development and delivery.

The CPO is also charged with the performance of various product analyses such as gap

analysis in an effort to establish product differentiation and execution strategies that will lead to the product’s ultimate success.

She/ He will recruit and supervise a dedicated team of 2-3 Web/App developers (front end, back-end and UX/UI)

We are looking for a highly motivated person with strategic and analytical thinking and looking forward to joining a successful team..
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